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In Flint - PTU from 8.24.13

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Our Show from Canna Camp on 8.10.13 in Flushing, Michigan.

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Local Maruijuana "dispensary" Targeted By The State Under The New "Concentrates" Ruling From The COA.

August 1st, 2013. Heres the front door of the Bazonzoes safe acccess point in Walled Lake, Michigan - where they have an ordinance allowing for this. This place is licensed and approved. They were raided by the DEA -serving a STATE issued warrant. You can thank the Oakland County Sheriff, Mike Bouchard for this. And that moonbat Jessica Coooer (the County Prosecutor). They cried poor to the feds, saying they didn't have the resources to conduct the raid. Funny. They just got a buttload of cash sent their way via the republicans stealing 3 million dollars from the medical marijuana fund surplus created by cardholder fees. They won't spend the money to properly run the LARA department but they'll steal our cash to raid us -then cry poor to the feds. Vote them out!!!!

The ONLY way you're going to make a difference is to stand up in numbers and get these looney tunes out of office! That means you gotta work. And leave your tie-die at home.— at Bazonzoes.

Confindential sources close to the story in the city of Walled Lake confirm that the raid specifically targeted concentrates. The city itself is in financial ruins. They laid off most of their police and fire personel, scaling back to bare bones according to recent council meetings.

Walled Lake police refused to assist in the persecution of a well known local citizen trying to help those chronically sick and disabled citizens of the communioty who rely on medical marijuana for any meaningful releif. It also takes away from a city already in financial trouble.

The city needs these places to survive. All the local people agree. Why do they have to resort to asking the FEDS to step in? It's not because of money. Oakland County is the richest county in Michigan. It's nearly the richest in the nation. This is really because the sheriff has started a fued with the local police over jurisdiction. They won't let him in., so Bouchard just went around them by requesting the DEA. Big brother. Good greif.

Last month the Michigan Court of Appeals held that medibles and concentrates do not get section 4 protectionn from arrest and prosecution under the MMMA because it specifically defines "usable marijuana" as "the dried leaves and flowers" of the plant. You have to pay lawyers and be held on bond to get to your section 8 defense, assunably in front of a jury. That could take the better part of a year. The entire bond process means you'll be refused access to your medicine while you await your date with "justice".

Only two days earlier, the DEA also served similar warrants on "The Shop" in medical marijuana friendly, Ypsilanti.

PTU Show from 7.27.13

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Court of Appeals Rules medicated brownie not "Useable Marijuana" under the MMMA.weed

The COA provided in their opinion these basic facts and procedural history related to the prosecution of Earl Cantrell Carruthers by the Oakland County prosecutor’s office: “Following a traffic stop on January 27, 2011, defendant was charged with poss...


Michigan Court of Appeals Rules MMMA Section 4 Defense question an issue for Judge not Jury.


Mich. pot supporters to promote clout through $2 bills on

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